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The Gum Disease


The gum disease is a type of infection that causes the swelling of the gums. The disease has the effect on the bones that chains the teeth. It is normally a bacterial infection and can spread very fast in and cause infection to all germs and later affects gum tissue and the bones that support the teeth in the mouth if not controlled. The result of teeth loosening is that it can to falling out of it or even removal by the dentist.

To reduces chances of infection regular rushing of teeth is recommended also flossing which prevents the building up of plaque and later inhibiting bacteria infection. The gum diseases are normally in stages as follows.
1 Gingivitis stage- IT occurs at the early stage where the plague starts building. It is normally occurring as a result of imperfect brushing flossing of teeth and the gums. In the process, the plaque is given an opportunity to build up.
The plaque always produces toxic substance. The substance when coming in contact with the gums tissue it causes an irritation effect, leading to gingivitis condition. Some of the effects that result from it are the bleeding of the gums during brushing and flossing process. At the early stage, the condition can be reversed because the bones holding the teeth in position and the gum tissues are not affected at the stage.

2. Periodontitis stage- This is the stage where the effect caused cannot be reversed. The bones and the fiber supporting the teeth in place are damage in this stage. The gums forms pockets since the are not holding the teeth firmly. The pockets can hold food particles with the plaque. The only thing that can be done is to reduce father destruction by improved health care and proper treatment.

3. Advanced periodontitis- This is the stage where great damage is done. It is the final stage of gum diseases where the bones holding the teeth are destroyed. The effect can be moving or loosen of teeth. With severe damage, the solution to the problem is removing the teeth completely. But the disease can be prevented from causing the further effect by strong treatment .
Since the teeth are loosened in the stage, biting of substances can be a problem. The gum disease can always occur at any age but it’s not very common at a tender age. The common cases are experienced by adults. The disease can always be treated and removed completely if detected at an early stage.

There are signs that can help you detect the disease easily. Some of the symptoms include.
-Swollen ,tender or reddening of gums.
-Bleeding of gums after flossing and brushing.
-Lengthening of teen due to a reduction of gums sizes.
– The gums separating from the teeth which form a pocket between them.
– The teeth fitness changes when biting a substance.
– Production of pus between the gums and teeth.
– Smelly breathe from the mouth.

The treatment of the gum disease can be prevented and removed completely by perfect flossing and brush regularly. This will prevent plaque from forming. When the plaque already formed it is advisable to visit a dentist to clean it up in a professional way. The scaling can be done to remove the tartar that already formed. When the condition is more serious, root planning can be a way out.

The toot planning smoothens the roots of the teeth which prevent the formation of plaque. It is always important to consider regular checkups to prevent the infection . which can lead to severe condition afterwards? If the condition is at mature stage better treatment by a dentist is required.

Author:Kenneth Smith