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Healthy Teeth And Your Child’s Diet


In addition to the regular brushing of teeth, the foods your child is eating are a very important factor in the health of his teeth and mouth. In almost all cases, the big villain is sugar. The frequency and duration of time that his teeth have sugar on them, the higher the risk that he will develop cavities. Particularly bad are the ìsticky sugarî kinds of food including dried fruit, gum, toffee and sticky caramel. It is particularly harmful when it covers the teeth with sugar for several hours. In fact, serious problems can result.

Always be sure to brush a childís teeth immediately after he finishes eating a food with sugar. Also, do not give a young child any liquid that contains sugar in his sippy cup for a period of time.

Cutting Down on Sweets

Most people love sweets and children are certainly no exceptions. Like any other human being, she loved sugar from the moment she was born and she already has the sensitivity to different levels of sweetness. So give her the choice of a baked potato and a yam and she will choose the yam. If the choice is between a cookie and a yam, she will choose the cookie.

Of course, you did not make her want the ice cream and candy when your preference is that she should eat a healthy slice of cheese. But you do have a responsibility to control a number of sweets she consumes and to give her a diet that is mainly made up of foods that are nutritious and will help her grow, not make her teeth decay.

Watching advertising on television can seriously impede any childís nutrition. There are studies showing that if a child is watching more than twenty-two hours of television a week (more than 3 hours a day) he will be more likely to be obese. That is because children want what they see and they love the ads for sweets and sugary cereals. This is often a problem when they go to a friendís home and these treats are plentiful. But obesity in children is a serious problem in the United States. That is why you have to monitor your childís eating, both away and at home, to ensure that her nutrition is healthy.

To counter influences from outside, try to keep your home very healthy. Have low-sugar, low-fat and low-sodium products in your home. After a while, he will be used to the healthy foods and he will not be as likely to succumb to the temptation of salty, sugary and greasy foods.

Author:Kenneth Smith